Monday, October 4, 2010

Medal of Honor Hacks Re-Released Today!

The new Medal of Honor 2010 Beta was released today and De.Bug already put out the new Medal of Honor Hack to all website subscribers. We had the first ever MOH 2010 Hack out only ONE HOUR after the first beta went live. If you become a subscriber you also get access to 6 other game hacks for FREE. Want the best aimbot for Medal of Honor 2010? Join us now with our Master Hack Pack and get access instantly.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Medal of Honor Hacks - No Spread, No Recoil

Our Medal of Honor Hacks now include no spread and no recoil for our aimbot. This mean dead on accurate shots every single time. No other MOH Hack can touch us, we had the first cheat out for the game and we update with the best features first! Check out the new video below.


Monday, June 21, 2010

MOH Hack Released to Everyone FREE

Medal of Honor Hack Released Free to all site subscribers! Also when you sign up to be a site subscriber you get our MOH Aimbot, CA Hack, AVA Hacks, Bad Company 2 Hack, Battlefield 2 Hack, Battlefield 2142 Hack, Battlefield Heroes Hack & Battlefield 1943 Hacks once the game is released. So join now and get everything above, no other site offers this type of deal.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

MOH Aimbot

SilentRunner put together a new MOH Aimbot video showing our Medal of Honor Hack in action. The video shows you how our 50+ featured hack works ingame killing everything with headshot after headshot. The aimbot can be adjusted to hit other bones and look more legit as well. Want the best MOH Hack? Join over 180,000 other online users at the most trusted cheat site in the world -

Friday, June 18, 2010

MOH Hack Video -

SilentRunner put together a video showing off our MOH Hack, check it out below. This is just showing off the ESP hack, our Aimbot video is being worked on now. If you want the best MOH Cheat in the world go to

First Ever MOH Cheat

De.Bug is finishing up his MOH Cheat and will release a version to our site subscribers soon for testing. We have the first ever MOH Hacks for Medal of Honor on Day 1 of the beta release! Keep checking back for screenshots, we will post them soon! Our hack will include a perfect 360 degree aimbot as well as 60 other features.


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The hack is totally Punkbuster Screenshot safe so you don’t have to worry about being caught by those pesky admins that have nothing better to do than look at PB sshots all day. If you want the #1 rated MOH Cheat in the world get it from the largest hack site on the Internet!